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Complete AIM Teaching Kits

No other methodology builds and scaffolds language learning as carefully and comprehensively as AIM.

While other courses pin vocabulary to sequences of unrelated themes, AIM pays real heed to language acquisition theory, and by focusing on play-based narratives offers for far more significant lexical exposure, reinforcement and retention of language recycled through activities that activate all intelligences and learning styles. Uniquely, subsequent units build on all the lexical content of the previous units.

Each kit is packed to the brim with 50 hours of guided instructional material including teacher guides, big books or overheads, PowerPoints, student reference books, posters and image cards, audio CDs and student and teacher DVDs. They are available in French for primary, elementary and junior high; in English for elementary; and in Spanish for secondary schools.


Literacy Resources

Our Balanced and Cultural Literacy Packs help your students develop a range of reading strategies through texts that interest and motivate them. The packs contain carefully-crafted reading response activities to engage students and support their fluency whether or not they are following an AIM program, and provide a gateway to literacy, language knowledge and critical thinking!

Each pack includes: 2 Big Books, 10 Readers, Resource CD-ROM, Audio CD, posters, board-game, and fits into a 70% recycled plastic enviro-tote bag.