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Digital Student Workbooks

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Paperless classroom? Then our digital workbooks are for you!

We're excited to announce our new digital workbooks which allow AIM classrooms to successfully transition from paper and pencil activities to 1:1 classrooms.

Features of the digital workbooks:

  • Track the percentage of the workbook completed by each student.
  • Activities are all searchable by activity number.
  • Students enter their responses by typing into the areas provided.
  • Each question has a check-box for teachers to identify what still needs to be corrected.
  • As in the paper version of these activities, teachers can track completed and corrected pages of activities at the top of the main page of each activity.


We have the following digital workbooks (with more on the way):

  • Les trois petits cochons
  • CComment y aller ?
  • Louis la grenouille
  • Salut, mon ami !
  • Veux-tu danser ?
  • Qui arrive ce soir ?
  • Un garçon populaire
  • Un jour bizarre
  • L’arbre ungali
  • Chat Angora